2 Ways to Clean Your Couch Cushions

  • Non-removable couch cushion
  • Removable couch cushion

6 Tips for Cleaning Preparation

1. Determine Your Couch Cushion Fabric

  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Cotton blend
  • Linen

2. Check Tags for Any Cleaning Instructions

  • W: Meaning use water-based detergents only
  • X: For professional cleaning only. However, vacuuming is acceptable.
  • S: Use dry cleaning solvents or water-free products only
  • WS: You can use dry cleaning or water-based cleaners.

3. Preclean Your Couch Cushions Using a Vacuum Cleaner.

4. Test the Cleaner Before You Apply it.

5. Heavily Pre-treat Soiled or Stained Areas

6. Check Your Couch Cushions for Color Fastness

Cleaning Non-Removable Couch Cushions

  • Check the owner’s guides and tags. As initially stated, some cushion manufacturers have set forth cleaning instructions. Follow the guidelines and use the specified detergent for optimal cleaning results.
  • Have the necessary steam cleaning equipment. A steam cleaner helps deep-clean your cushion fabric. These upholstery cleaners are available for hire in many local hardware stores. When you use a steam cleaner, your couch takes longer to dry because cushions absorb a substantial amount of moisture.
  • Try the conventional approach using a carpet beater. A carpet beater strongly whacks all your couch cushions on both sides. Alternatively, you can utilize a clean broom, but first, you should take your cushions outside and put them on a dirt-free surface.
  • Check the color fastness of your cushion. As initially stated, use a dry cleaner if you find discoloration after rinsing.
  • Use the correct sponging approach. Sponge your couch cushions throughout, acting against the nap. Doing so will help remove deeply-buried dirt and bring up stains.
  • Cleanse the couch cushion of any remaining cleaner. Use clean water to moisten and clean the sponge of remaining detergent to optimally clean your cushion’s fabric.
  • Accelerate the drying process using a fan. Do not use shock-heating treatment because it can lead to the fabric shrinking. Instead, use a typical fan to speed up the drying process.

Cleaning Removable Cushions

  • Go for a professional leather cleaning service. Leather cushions are pretty sensitive and require special attention. The safest and best way to clean them is by using a professional service, such as a dry cleaner.
  • Sustain the leather in a linseed solution. Mix 1 unit of vinegar per 2 units of linseed oil and shake the solution well. Rub it into the leather using a dry cloth. Wait for about 10 minutes, taking a dry cloth and buffing out any remaining residual solution.
  • Vacuum the suede couch cushion covers. The suede material is sensitive. Therefore, consider removing the cushions from your couch to a clean surface before vacuuming it. However, vinyl couch cushions do not need to be removed to be cleaned.
  • Rub down the suede. Use a suede nap brush or rubbing cloth to restore and restore your cushion’s luster. Completely and thoroughly rub down all sides of your cushion to remove any remaining debris with the cloth or brush.
  • Treat suede stains using an alcohol and water solution. Thoroughly mix warm water and alcohol and apply it on a cloth rag, then use it to lightly dab stains on your cushion covers.
  • Use a washing machine where applicable and let the couch cushions air dry. Some fabric cushions are machine-wash-friendly. Once you’ve cleaned the cushion, let it air dry because using a dryer or forced hot air may lead to the shrinking of the cushion cover. This will render it useless.

Final Thought